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Tong Chuan Chilli Sauce




























Tong Chuan Chilli Sauce is a famous local speciality produced by Tong Chuan Food Factory in Taichung. In Taichung, Tong Chuan is almost synonymous with chilli sauce. This project aims to reposition the Tong Chuan Chilli Sauce brand and design different packaging for various consumer occasions.

The new brand ensures that consumers can connect the new brand visuals with their previous impressions; slight adjustments were made to the colour scheme, with "Tong Chuan" as the main visual centre of the label (brand). The original chilli pattern on the packaging was optimized, transforming the organic shape into geometric, symmetrical motifs.

Regarding packaging, a special version in yellow squeeze bottles was designed for the food service industry, while a transparent plastic bottle version was created for household use. The yellow version is intended for the catering sector. At the same time, the transparent packaging showcases the natural colour of the chilli sauce, incorporating the sauce's colour as part of the brand's standard colour.

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