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tshit-tho 是台語「遊戲、玩耍」的意思,這也是我們的主旨:希望設計就像遊戲一樣好玩,讓每個人從設計中獲得快樂。我們用遊戲的方式創造有趣的新設計,並希望帶給您不一樣的體驗。







謝謝您選擇 tshit-tho design 憇桃設計,期待與您的合作。

Welcome to tshit-tho design!


"tshit-tho" means "play" in Taiwanese, which reflects our mission: to make the design as fun as playing and to bring joy to everyone involved in the design process. Therefore, we playfully create new and exciting designs and hope to offer you a unique experience.


We provide a wide range of services, including graphic design, advertising design, brand identity design, event visual design, book editing design, and interior design. We also offer integrated branding and interior design services, providing comprehensive design support.


Our team members have more than ten years of experience in the industry, with rich design achievements in China, Hong Kong, the UK, Japan, and other places. As a result, our vast network enables us to provide you with comprehensive design services. Furthermore, we focus on the design and the interactive experience with our clients, making our cooperation easy and enjoyable.


Good design is about beautiful appearance, deep thinking, and intricate details.


Let's explore the infinite possibilities of design playfully and bring you an incredible design experience!

Thank you for choosing tshit-tho design, and we look forward to working with you.

Our Team

Art Director_Shihbo Chiu

Graphic Designer_Hiroshi Oka

Interior Director_Sissi Chiang

Project Manager_Yoko Tachikawa

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