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Taiwan Railway 

CIS Design for Taiwan Railway Company






























針對新時代的企業形象,希望兼顧傳統與現代,在標誌的設計上以Taiwan的T與Railway的R進行幾何化、最簡單而明辨度高的設計。採用小寫r的造型而非R,意指在因應網路應用上的各種顯示可能。向外延伸出的曲線,象徵從原本的道路上所開出的一條新的道路(A New Way)整體構成T字形的標誌,更加強台灣鐵路的印象。



The Taiwan Railway Administration, with a history of 133 years, will officially be transformed into a limited company on January 1, 2024. This project aims to redefine and design the corporate brand image for the Taiwan Railway Company.

We aim to balance tradition and modernity in creating a new corporate image for the modern era. The logo design focuses on geometrically stylizing the "T" in Taiwan and the "R" in Railway, aiming for simplicity and high recognition. The lowercase "r" is used instead of "R" to accommodate various display formats in the digital age. The curved extension symbolizes creating a new path from the existing railway tracks, representing "A New Way." The overall design forms the shape of the letter "T," strengthening the impression of Taiwan Railway.

The brand and website for railway passenger services are extended from this concept, using "T+Rail," which conveniently forms the English word "Trail." It signifies the hope that the revitalized Taiwan Railway will lead every passenger to explore every corner of Taiwan, carrying the significance of Taiwan's transportation backbone and representing the legacy of over 130 years of Taiwan Railway.

The brand comprises the Taiwan Railway Corporation logo and the Taiwan Railway Passenger Transportation brand. The government railway authority will use the original Taiwan Railway Administration logo.

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