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Taiun Sake

Taiun Brewery Taichu65 Japanese Sake

























Taiun Sake Brewery is a Japanese sake brewing company founded by Taiwanese individuals in Japan. It specializes in producing Japanese sake using Taiwanese rice varieties and has received numerous overseas awards.

Tai Chung 65 is a type of rice variety, and this Junmai Daiginjo sake is made using this particular rice as its base. The design commission for this project includes creating a new label design and related packaging design. The design concept mainly draws inspiration from the previous designs of other sake products while incorporating elements and styles from the Japanese colonial era and some visual elements from traditional Japanese culture (such as the Inazuma pattern and cloud and rain motifs). The aim is to create packaging that both Japanese and Taiwanese consumers can appreciate and leave an impression of a cross-cultural brand for international consumers.

In addition to the label design, gift bags and wooden boxes are provided for various gifting occasions.

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