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​品牌識別標誌包含了代表台灣的TW與品牌核心的Mold英文單詞的字首,強調明快感、精準與活力,因此在標準字設計、色彩應用上都採用相對明亮與果斷的風格。Mold Your World作為呼應公司事業內容的slogan,期待以專業客製的產品,滿足所有客戶不同的需求,一同塑造一個更美好的世界。

Micromold is a startup company founded by a young entrepreneurial team from Taiwan, specializing in precision mold injection for custom products.

Customized micro-injection is a highly specialised and competitive industry, with numerous advanced companies and competitors in Japan, Europe, and America. Micromold focuses on the medical sector and aims to promote the company's professional technology and products to the world through refined and specialized custom products, leveraging the power of the internet and innovation. Therefore, the company pays great attention to brand identity design, aiming to differentiate itself from traditional Taiwanese companies and gain the trust of potential overseas customers.

The brand identity logo includes the initials "TW", representing Taiwan, and the initial letter of the English word "Mold," which means the brand's core. It emphasizes agility, precision, and vitality. Therefore, the design of the typography and colour application adopts a relatively bright and decisive style. The slogan "Mold Your World" resonates with the company's business content, expressing the company's expectation to meet the diverse needs of all customers with professional custom products and shape a better world.

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