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Ge's Pan Fried Buns Branding Design

























Ge's Pan Fried Buns is a local brand from Hangzhou, China. The brand image update aims to enhance its brand value and prepare for expanding into overseas markets.

Firstly, in terms of the brand name, a new name, "Masger's," is created by combining "Master" (referring to skilled craftsmen) and "Ge" (the Chinese character for "Ge," the surname of the founder). This new name is designed to be more easily accepted and understood by consumers outside the Chinese-speaking cultural sphere, following the naming conventions commonly used in traditional Western shops. The new brand positioning resembles fast-food chains like McDonald's or KFC. Additionally, to enter the Middle Eastern market, the main identifying colours are green (popular in the Middle Eastern cultural sphere) and orange (known to stimulate appetite and create a sense of vitality). Green is also one of the original brand's standard colours.


The brand identity logo is derived from the image of a plate with four Shengjianbao (pan-fried buns) and the variations of the letters "G" and "E." The design also incorporates elements from traditional Chinese totems and window decorations, aiming to preserve some Chinese cultural charm within the Western-style dining image.

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