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Manda Fermentation

Corporate Campus Project





Corporate Campus是以體現企業精神與文化為目的的企業園區。本刊物為株式会社フロンティアコンサルティング為日本知名發酵食品公司—万田発酵株式会社所規劃設計的Corporate Campus的成果作品集。



Corporate Campus is a corporate park designed to embody the spirit and culture of the company. This publication showcases the achievements of the Corporate Campus project planned and designed by Frontier Consulting Co., Ltd., a renowned fermentation food company in Japan known as "Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd."

In line with Frontier Consulting Co., Ltd.'s corporate image update, this collection of design works focuses on a series of key projects to showcase the company's achievements and serve as a publication for external marketing purposes. The layout design aims to emphasise the use of project photos and incorporates a standardised grid system for future reference in presenting other project achievements.

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