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Frontier Shinjuku Tower
日本東京新宿Frontier Shinjuku Tower


Frontier Shinjuku Tower  





Frontier is a property brand based in Tokyo, Japan, primarily leasing and managing office buildings. This project focused on redesigning and reopening an office near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. The scope of work included the design of the building's brand logo and typeface.


The proposal was designed to align with the renovation design of the building, and three different font options for the logo were provided to the client. The design process took into consideration not only the overall style of the building but also factors such as visibility and recognisability. Two font styles, serif and sans-serif, were explored in the design. The final selection made by the client did not necessarily align with the version the designer deemed most suitable. However, the photos from the site capture the ultimate design and font combination.

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