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At the end of 2023, due to the lead architect's establishment of their architectural firm, a rebranding initiative was undertaken for the Fa+P brand. The update directly incorporates the full English name of the firm, "FIELDSCAPE," as the focal point of the Logomark, establishing a clean and vibrant visual identity. The firm's name has also been changed to "Architects+Associates" to reflect the changes in the company's structure.

The visual elements of the original corporate identity system, namely the "searchlight" and "perspective spatial frame," are retained and become the two primary visual elements applied across various aspects of the corporate culture. The overall brand image is streamlined to represent a more professional company identity, emphasising simplicity and clarity.

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Architects + Associates


Fieldscape Architects + Associates

















Fieldscape Architects and Planners是由兩個設計事業體為主體的建築景觀事務所。因為這個特性,在構思建構品牌識別時,考慮如何能在一個系統當中表現出兩個不同實體的特性,並呈現空間設計的本質,讓觀者能很快地了解這個品牌的特色。


Fieldscape Architects and Planners is an architectural landscape firm primarily composed of two design entities. Given this characteristic, when conceptualising the brand identity, the focus was on expressing the distinctive features of these two separate entities within a unified system while capturing the essence of spatial design to enable viewers to grasp the brand's uniqueness quickly.

Considering the existence of two distinct entities with different business contents, it was desired that this corporate identity (CI) could exhibit variations within shared elements. We delved into the essence of spatial design and employed the principles of perspective to create many standardised brand elements within a grid system. Using a perspective frame symbolises architectural design, while the spotlight rays represent the "prelude" of the landscape component. The colour scheme was modified based on common colours in spatial design, such as black, grey (ink lines), and blue (blueprints).

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