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中華航空公司 / 個人計畫





從企業歷史與品牌元素各面向分析,我們以飛機起降的Call sign作為靈感,以Dynasty作為全新的品牌名稱,至於原本的公司法人名稱則不改動。Dynasty在英文中是朝代的意思,藉由這個單字,我們將過往以來中華航空不同階段的企業形象演變與台灣的國際政治變化呈現出來,並以全新形象作為新時代的台灣的代表旗艦航空公司。

China Airlines is the flagship airline of Taiwan, which has long faced challenges in reflecting the current political situation of Taiwan in its brand name due to domestic and international political factors. Therefore, a completely new design strategy has been adopted for this brand redesign, including redesigning the brand identity.
We drew inspiration from the call sign used during aircraft takeoff and landing by analysing various aspects of corporate history and brand elements. The new brand name chosen is "Dynasty," while the legal corporate name remains unchanged. In English, "Dynasty" refers to a succession of rulers from the same family. Through this word, we aim to portray the evolution of China Airlines' corporate image through different eras and its connection to Taiwan's international political changes. The new image represents the flagship airline of Taiwan in this new era.

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