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原本的網站並不是以年輕女性上班族為目標客群,網站的風格與整體視覺相對傳統。經過目標客群的行為分析與研究之後,以強調飼主與寵物之間每天珍貴的相處時間為概念,將「一緒に過ごす時間を大切に」、Every momoent with you 作為品牌形象核心,展開全新的品牌規劃。


Dogtree is a small to medium-sized pet food e-commerce website targeting young Japanese working women aged 25-35.

The original website did not target young working women as its primary audience, and its style and overall visual appearance were relatively traditional. A new brand strategy was developed after conducting behaviour analysis and research on the target audience, emphasizing the precious time spent between pet owners and their pets daily. The concept of "一緒に過ごす時間を大切に" (Cherishing the time spent together) and "Every moment with you" was adopted as the core of the brand image.

Considering usability and affinity, the interface design of the mobile app and the order process on the website was redesigned. The amount of text was reduced, and visual representation through graphics was used instead. Vibrant and youthful colour tones were chosen for usage. Additionally, social sharing features were added, allowing unfamiliar young female pet owners to share photos and stories of their pets on the website, thereby increasing brand loyalty and interactivity.

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