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Daikichi the Pawn Shop










This is a re-branding project of a chain pawn shop in Japan. The shop's name in Kanji means “Big Fortune / Big Luck”, and the current shop exterior and interior are old-fashioned. The key is how to present a new identity based on the former identity in order NOT to lose the trust of the frequent customers, but meanwhile bring a new vivid and fresh impression to new customers.

This project cooperated with interior designers, and mainly, they wised to design the interior like a cafe with a Mediterranean ambience. When it comes to the Mediterranean, we think of the ocean, and the image of the ocean brings us a sense of relaxation.


Regarding the new logotype, I came out with some key elements to follow, with some slight changes from previous CI systems. Also, to increase the Affinity with the public, I created a mascot of a sea turtle. In Japanese culture, sea turtle contains many good meanings, and of course, Big Fortune is one of them.

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